New Year is just around the corner and, whether you are prepared or not, the time to bid farewell to the current year is near. So are you ready to welcome the New Year 2016 with enthusiasm and bliss? 

You must have quite a number of parties and festivities lined up with your friends and family. Everyone knows how important it is to look amazing on a Christmas or New Year party. After all, what better way is there to start a new year than to style yourself and feel amazing!! Use these hot and trendy makeup and styling looks and hit the New Year parties in flair.

Smokey Eyes
To complement the midnight dazzle, nothing beats the touch of smokiness on the eyes. The best part is that it does not need much time, money or effort to pull off this look. Invest in some quality Smokey eye shadow palette and you are just a few little tricks away from creating an amazing look perfect for the night out. Make sure to keep the rest of your makeup subtle to have a defined look. A pinky-hued blush along with nude lip paint will look absolutely adorable and stunning.

smokey-eye-makeup-for-blue-eyes-tutorial.jpg (500×373)

Glitz It Up
Your eye makeup tells a lot about your personality and when it comes to a Christmas party or a New Year eve festivity, a little sparkle and glow works perfectly for the occasion. The ideal place to add sparkle to your styling it is your eyes. With glossy lip paint and metallic pink or plum hued blush, add some glitter onto your lid and have a spot on look this New Year eve.

black-glitter-eyes.jpg (530×710)                         

A Dark Pout
A red or dark toned pout is something no one can actually resist, especially around Christmas. Red is my all-time favorite; however you can play around deep berries too. Try to keep your eyes simple as making two dimensions bolder at the same time isn’t a good idea. Well-applied eyeliner, however, never hurts. To make your lip paint last longer, don’t forget to apply primer before applying your lip paint. You can add a coat of gloss to make your lipstick glow. 
riri.jpg (485×647)

To give your face a fresh, radiant look, pastels are the best choice. A rich hue of peach on your lips along with a lighter toned peach on the cheeks will make you blossom. Add little gloss and glitter-based eyeliner for the extra kick of glitz and glam in your look. the use of pastels is preferred for a day party. 

 Pastel-Spring-Makeup-Inspiration-42.jpg (550×701)                                      

Lustrous Lashes
To pull off those luscious eyes that you have always wished for, invest in some quality fiber mascara to add extra density and definition to your lashes. Pair this look with pink-hued lip color and soft pink cheeks to look all feminine and chic.

23F4W7B-PVN.jpg (800×431)                   

Magnificent Metallic
2015 was all about metallic and the same was witnessed on the ramps during the fashion weeks as well. To add that midas-touch to your look, let’s have some metallic makeup this NYE.
d49c0a3b68a6e74cba54297ca2980ef9.jpg (236×314)

Hair Do
Braids, curls, straight hair, twisted buns… all looks amazing based on your look, dress and personality. Be as creative as you want, play with your instincts and create a mesmerizing and amazing look for yourself.

 x5851.jpg (690×458)                 

Before the countdown begins, let’s get your makeup ready to rock your style this NYE. Have fun Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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  2. Theses are definitely some fun makeup looks to try.

    1. Indeed they are. Do send a link to a pic should you try any of them put! Have a safe and happy holiday season x


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