As we all know, southern Africa has really had usually hot weather, thanks to the El Nino/heat wave situation and with the holiday season fast approaching, I thought I should share what I have been doing to keep my skincare regime on top of things.
My homecare routine has stayed the same as I'm using the full Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Collection. A natural range based on the amazing hydrating/anti-aging ingredient hyaluronic acid. Please do let me know if you would like me to review the products in this collection.

So, other than homecare, I went in to have a skin scan at MediSculpt, an aesthetic and anti-aging clinic, just so I could gauge the condition of my skin, from the inside - and yes! it was shocking, just as much as it normally shocks me every other time I've been for one. I like to call the skincare reality check! Ideally, the percentages for every category should be between 70 - 100% to be considered good. Ah! give me strength, my pores have always been my biggest issue, although not visible to many, I have always known that. What was new for me was the wrinkles... I mean wrinkles what?! Noooo...
The aesthetician decided on a treatment protocol after having a look at the results of the scan: a peel was definitely on the cards, it had been a while, and that would deal with the issue of texture, as well as assist with stimulation of collagen and elastin. Immediately after, was the Intraceuticals oxygen facial, using the collagen booster. This was for the obvious, collagen stimulation, deep hydration, increased blood circulation and firming of the skin. A treatment combo was definitely what I need to reset my routine, get rid of dead skin cells and allow my home care to become even more effective.
I will be scanning my skin again in a month's time to make sure I'm on the right track and to adjust my regimen accordingly.

I'm hoping that this has been a thought provoking post for you, seeing the results of the skin scan always brings my skincare routine into perspective - for example, I ask myself, what is the purpose of using a particular product range when I'm not seeing results, am I getting good value for money, is the 'smell good factor' worth more than the 'active ingredients factor' and so on and so forth.
Keen to give the skin scan a try? Keen to have a peel, oxygen facial or the right product recommendation with results you can track? Maybe give MediSculpt a call on 0119582261 and be sure to share your experience.
Have you had a scan before or are you shooting in the dark? What was your experience, were the results as expected?
NB: I was not paid or asked to write this post, these are 100% my personal thoughts and as you well know, if you have followed me for a while, I always like to share good thing when I come across it - I blog because I'm passionate about beauty!


  1. Interesting. i don't think I'm ready for truths

  2. Haha it can't be so bad, you're still young so plenty time to get it right x


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