Hoping the year has taken off to a great start for you all.. may it be the best year yet!
Now I know a lot of people tend to come up with new year's resolutions that involve losing weight, eating healthy etc.. and, yes, I have been guilty of that, but not this year, as I have never managed to keep the momentum going long enough to reap the rewards of success! So I figured, how about I put some ideas out there that are not a particular regimen to follow, but will contribute to your quest for wellbeing.
Hope they come in handy, and that some of the foods find their way into your shopping cart every time you remember.
Now, this super sweet fruit, which doesn't last a day in my fridge, packed with antioxidants like vitamin A & C, you know you will stay looking younger for longer! There are so many benefits to eating this fruit, it's known to be an anti-inflammatory, good for acne, removal of plaque from the teeth which leaves them a bit whiter, the list goes on...

Now this one I overdo, I know you are supposed to eat a handful or something like that a day, but I can't help myself. Nuts eg. raw almonds, pecan nuts etc, contain essential fatty acids, fibre and vitamins. From stabilising your mood, helping your system stay regular, to keeping your skin smooth and supple. Eating these as a snack, adding them to your cereal or blending them in your smoothies will put you one step ahead on your wellness game.

Red Meat
Enjoy a piece of steak every now and then? Well enjoy it, please, guilt free - all things in moderation though (saturated fat overload is a no no)! Red meat is a great source of iron. And having a good supply of iron means less hair shedding and better health of your locks in general. Also very beneficial to lady teens and women of child bearing age in general, and the protein helps build muscle and bones.

Other than it being a good source of zinc, potassium and selenium. Seafood is very well known for it's omega 3 fatty acids. Great for heart health, you need to be alive to live beautifully right! These fatty acids are also known as "good fats". So, good heart = good blood circulation = healthy skin = glow.. for decades!

While not directly linked to something "beauty," popcorn, the kind you pop yourself and not the one that's drenched in oil/butter and salt, is a great source of fibre, totally wholegrain and full of antioxidants. So try this as an replacement for crisps, it's crunchy, filling and holds a whole lot less calories - oh please let me lose a centimeter while at it!

Go ahead, I dare you to tell me these are not yummy foods that are far from the word "diet" - when talking directly about weight loss that is?!

Any other beneficial, good for you, stay beautiful, food ideas you can think of that we can add to our shopping carts? Please share below.


  1. I love red meat I used to stock up on nuts until I realised I overindulged a bit too much. I like that popcorn is a healthier option.


  2. Glad I'm not the only, at least I know I'm normal.😊

  3. Great post!! Strawberries are my favourite fruits and love everything you mentioned, but not so keen on popcorn. Just because they stick in the tooth. Lol!!
    Have a good evening and thanks for visiting my blog. Appreciated!


    1. Haha the popcorn part put a smile on my face. I never used to enjoy it before and now I'm possibly over-doing it. You're right too, one needs a toothpick or a toothbrush to sort out the remnants!

  4. My love for nuts though...I blame it on my tribe, groundnut stew is our staple!


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