As you know,  I'm always on a mission to find the latest, the greatest and the most different beauty treatment options that are available out there - trying them out, learning and getting as much information as I can and then sharing with you.

Last year sometime, I went into The Aesthetic Studio Sandton and had an lymphatic drainage treatment done. I wasn't really out to treat anything specific but was really fascinated by what they had told me about this interesting looking machine.

It was such a relaxing treatment, I even asked why I had not done it a million times before! In all honesty, I could have done with minimal of an hour, it felt that amazing.

It was simple and straightforward. No prep needed ahead of time, I simply arrived, lay on top of the bottom half of the pants, that look as long as a man on stilts at a circus - lol, and then got zipped up. Machine was set, and I was officially transported to massage paradise. The pants were first inflated, and then in some type of preset pattern gave my feet, legs and lower abdomen a "squeeze" starting from the feet, then releasing, to the calf, then releasing,  and so forth. It was seriously the best "non hand" massage I have ever had!

The treatment lasted 30 minutes and by that time my system had been so well stimulated that a run to the bathroom was urgent! 

By now you are probably wondering why? Remember your lymphatic system runs parallel to your your blood network, and this is the system that is responsible for drainage of toxins out of the body. What that means? It's a brilliant treatment for water retention aka odema, as well as for cellulite! Yes honey, cellulite - you know that area with poor circulation, feels cold when you touch it and sadly resembles hail damage! Stimulating circulation means the appearance of cellulite will be greatly improved. 

As always consistency is key. Degrees and types of cellulite differ, so there is no recommended number of sessions, it's all about your lifestyle, how you feel about the appearance and when you are satisfied with the results. 

What areas you can treat: arms, legs and lower abdomen. How much? Price is around R350 for 30 minutes, depending on where you go.

Do you have cellulite issues? What are you doing to try and treat it? Have you had this treatment before? Please share in the comments section below.


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