As you well know, some sort or facial or skin peel is a key part of my skincare regimen. I highly recommend that if you are serious about changing your skincare game and reaping the benefits of your skincare products at home one of the two options above is a good place to start. Not only does it remove the dead skin from the surface of the skin, allowing your home care products to penetrative deeper and give you a better result,  but the treatments increase blood circulation = increased collagen and elastin production = anti aging and well conditioned skin.

I know a lot of people are hesitant when it comes to peels, but the technology has evolved so much over the years making them safe and effective for all skin types. The key to remember, always, is to go to a reputable establishment.

Different strengths of peels are available, from fruit acids to chemical peels, selected depending on the severity of the condition and results you would like to achieve. Peels can be used in combination too, this is to help speed up the result or the healing process of the skin. For example, you can have a peel in combination with an oxygen infusion facial. The peel to deeply exfoliate, and the oxygen facial to soothe and calm the skin, as well as speed up the healing process and deeply hydrate. There are a number of treatment combinations one can have with peels to help you achieve the result you require.

What skin issues you can treat using peels:
~ pigmentation
~ acne
~ dry skin
~ rough texture
~ scarring
~ general maintenance/anti aging
~ skin rejuvenation
~ dehydration
The list is really endless.

Is there downtime involved:
Thankfully nowadays, one can opt for a non-invasive peel with no downtime. For more severe cases there tends to be downtime of +- 7days (these types of peels are normally scheduled around your holiday time, unless you have the privilege of being flexible or a stay/work/school at home person).

Below are my after pictures, and as you can see it's not obvious that I've had a treatment, so can easily be done during your lunchtime if you are constantly pressed for time. My skin looks a lot brighter and radiant.

Ever had a skin peel or are you still not convinced? What are your concerns? What professional skincare treatments do you prefer? Are you religious about them and are you reaping the rewards you would like to see?


  1. awesome it works for you but the whole idea scares me and im not sure i'll get one .

  2. Haha Stella, be brave the only thing to do is make sure you go with a reputable establishment.


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