Thanks to genetics I have always had very fine hair in general, on my head, arms, legs and eyebrow. Eyebrows being the main focus of this chat. The hair on my eyebrows was always so fine it looked like I had no brows on pictures sometimes - thank goodness for apps #handsovereyes

So, over the years I've had a session or two of permanent makeup which never quite gave me the full brow look and had actually faded to the point of insignificance. You might be thinking "why didn't you just draw/shade them in" - well, because I am that person who forgets I have something and would wipe them off without realising *picture that disaster in a meeting lol* and secondly I don't have enough hours in my day to get the shape right and match the two every single day! Then I discovered microblading...

Microblading is a specialised semi-permanent technique, that deposits pigment into the skin, creating hair-like strokes, using a very fine blade, with an end result that resembles very realistic looking brows.

I has done my research, as always, and visited the clinic of my choice to get information prior to making an appointment. The information included a list of do's and don'ts before and after getting the microblading done. A thorough consultation was carried out before the procedure and once I had acknowledged understanding and signed the paperwork, the process began.

Super effective numbing cream was applied, I seriously couldn't feel anything after that. And some intricate type of measuring and positioning of markings was done - I honestly have never seen such precision when it comes to designing of eyebrows. All throughout this process, explanation and confirmation of exactly what was being done took place. The passion, skill, artistry really left me feeling confident that I had chosen the "cream of the crop". Where I chose to go My Skin Centre

All in all it took about an hour and a half and my brows looked like perfection! A touch up appointment was made for four weeks time and I look forward to waking up, for the next three or so years, thereafter, with awesome brows that need minimal maintenance.

There is so much I could tell you about the treatment, but for ease of reading, I decided to keep it short. Keen to learn more, or get more details, please click here or call 011 675 2624.

Have you heard about microblading before? Have you had the treatment done? Please share your thoughts or experiences below. 


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  3. This is interesting. I'm in-love in permanent makeup. Thanks for sharing.


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