There are so many different kinds of makeup brushes, sponges, and blenders that come in all shapes and sizes. Most people possibly have no idea what half of them are even for. There is a new design of brush available that may become your new favorite.

Oval-shaped makeup brushes are the current beauty trend. They traverse from bronzer, blush, to concealer and foundation and eye shadow application. Each synthetic fibre on these brushes has a microscopically tapered end, which allows for a more consistent application.

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They contain three to ten times as many fibres as other hackneyed makeup brush, resulting in the densely packed, toothbrush-like shape of the brush head. These makeup brushes are designed to keep all the fibres in contact with the skin. This prevents your application from looking patchy.

These oval makeup brushes are named by shape and numbered by size. They will work for you whichever way you deem fit. It is recommended that you start with the larger size brushes to apply foundation, bronzer, or even highlighter to the skin as they are easier to use. The smaller, brushes are great for laying that eye shadow with almost no fallout. Due to the unique bristles, less of your makeup product is absorbed into the brush ergo you waste less. Also, since they are man-made and not harsh, they do not cause sensitive skin to go crazy.

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Not many of us may know this, but when arthritis affects the shoulders and elbows, it can get intractable just to reach your face. If it is severe in your hands, just holding the eye liner can be difficult. Brushes with longer, thicker handles that are simpler to grip make application easier. This design is illustrated in oval makeup brushes. The handles of these brushes are also parallel to the face during makeup application which gives better control of motion - almost mimicking the angle of using your fingers to apply.

The oval makeup brushes were the innovation of Matthew Waitesmith, former vice president at MAC, who now is a consulting partner at a leading global brush manufacturer (Taiki USA). He launched a new line of brushes in this design under the brand Artis. While MAC sells three oval makeup brushes, Artis sells the full 10-brush line.

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The pros to the oval makeup brushes as seen above outweigh the cons. Ease application, flexibility of the handle, minimal blending, less product used, multifunctional brushes and a flawless finish. I have not come across another.

My assumption, is over time, the bristles of synthetic fibre brushes become stiffer and will not last as long as natural brushes. Time will tell.

Despite oval makeup brushes looking gimmicky, they have definitely proven to give impressive results while cutting down beauty prep time.

What are thoughts and experiences with these? Have you used them? Do you think the high price is worth it, or will you be going for the "knock off" versions? Will you be buying yourself a set at all? Would love to hear from you below.


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