I'm sure many of you are familiar with the latest trend to hit our shores, and that is subscription boxes. You can get a subscription box for just about everything these days. But today I'm super excited to share with you, what is probably the biggest - value wise - and most needed, so no justification or guilt necessary, subscription box I have come across so far.

Ladybug Red! The name doesn't make it obvious, until you know what it's about - positive number one - discretion, no one wants to receive a 'personal' package via courier and have the driver look at you like "I know what's in there lol". Have I kept you in suspense long enough yet?

What is it?
Ladybug Red is a monthly subscription box that takes care on our monthly issues as women! You get to choose 25 items from a list of brands eg. Lil-lets, Libresse, Always, Kotex, Tampax, ranging from pads to tampons to  panty liners of different styles and sizes. The variety is wide, so chances are your regular choice of products is covered.

Not only do you get 25 of your essential products, but, you also get all kinds of pamper goodies to make those few days as comfortable and pleasant as possible. I received a box this month and we're talking: hug-in-a-mug, microwave popcorn, fudge, chocolate, yummy scented soap, I mean I even got a really cool chick-flick DVD in there, and this is mentioning just a few!!

My box arrived at the perfect time as I had my daughter and had a friend come over and it turned out to be the perfect girls night in.

How much?
The subscription goes for R349 for 1 month; R975 for 3 months; R1890 for 6 months. It really is worth it, not just for the amount and quality of the stuff inside, but also for the convenience of not having to pace the isles in the pharmacy trying to figure out what you would like each time. Besides who does like a surprise every so often?!

The ordering process is so easy and seamless. Should you like more information please see Ladybug Red website here.

Have you tried a subscription box before? Which one and what were thoughts?

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