With so many resources we can turn to for inspiration, it’s become so much easier to find what works for you. Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and celebrities, means you can match your skin tone to someone with a similar shade and know exactly how that hair colour will look on you. Experimenting with different looks when it comes to African hair colour has therefore become more adventurous and using hair colours from the Incteco range, which is specifically designed for our hair types has made that process seamless. 


Be Bold and attempt a shade of Blonde
Trends that have been noticed lately are the bronde aka a fusion of brown and blonde. Using Inecto Super Brown or Inecto Hot Chocolate as your main colour and infusing it with Inecto Caramel Blonde or Inecto Rich Copper the bronde trend becomes aacessible to those that have considered the blonde look, but maybe haven’t been bold enough or certain how it would suit their dark skin. The key to the bronde trend is to keep the darker tone as close as possible to your natural hair colour, and that then makes it low maintenance.

We see likes of Beyonce, for example, she started more on the brown side and has slowly amped up the blonde level. We all know she always looks flawless and on point.

According to colour pro Rits Haza, who also does Beyonce’s blonde hair looks "You should change the tone of your hair colour seasonally, in the same way you change your makeup and wardrobe."

bronde beyonce

The warm and classic colours in the family of reds
With so many variations of the shade for example Inecto Passion Plum, Inecto Cherry Red and Inecto Super Auburn. This colour is always on trend and perfect in winter months. Its rich tones will suit any dark skin and give your overall look a new dimension. Try leaving your roots with their natural dark colour and adding one of Inecto’s beautiful colours to your ends to create an ombre effect. The options are endless.

boity thulo:

The never failing Black
This is a timeless classic, it never goes out of season nor out of trend. Inecto Perfect Black and Inecto Blue Black will leave you will with a solid finish. Colouring your hair black is not just to cover grey hair but to add boldness and give hair a more polished, healthy and fuller look. Interesting enough going for this colour also has the added bonus of giving the skin a more even appearing complexion.


African hair is versatile. We don’t need to wear the same look each season. Be it wearing a weave, a wig or just working with what grows out of your head – if its 100% human hair you can play around with different looks. Inecto has 11 beautiful shades to choose from, so let your imagination loose and enjoy experimenting with the trends as seasons change.

Do you colour treat your hair? What are your go to colours for winter? Where do you find your inspiration from? I would to hear what your hair colour phases have been like, so do share below.
Article sponsored by: http://www.inecto.co.za/ All opinions expressed here are my own.


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