20161023_140135-1.jpgI still can't believe we are in October already. Where has this year flown to?

I thought I'd switch things up a little, from the usual skincare discussions, and maybe have a light hearted chat about current summer fragrances that I've been enjoying.

I must admit, fragrances are another one of my weaknesses! I like to switch them up according to my mood and according to season. I hope I'm not the only one. And just as a side, random note, I think I found my signature scent... signature not because I can smell it all day, but because whenever I put it on, so many people stop me to ask what I'm wearing. And that's Marc Jacobs Daisy.


Have you discovered your signature, maybe not so much based on comments, but because you adore the scent? I would love to hear which one it is, so let me know down below.

Oh, random note number two... do you prefer to wear an EDP, EDT or Body Mist? I may possibly have major issues here, so do let me know below about this please... but, I find I will wear an EDT when it's super hot coz it's not cool to have this over-powering fragrance in people's already irritated spaces! Then I will do an EDP on a beautiful cloudy day or when going out at night. And to end off, when I get home after a full day's work, I'll take a bath and use some body spritz of sorts.

I do love to smell good, regardless of the occasion... can you tell?!

And without further adeu, here is what's currently in circulation in my closet, with a few to be added on as summer progresses...


Look forward to hearing about your scent stories, so, go on, do tell 😉

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