Top tips for looking after your skin

I thought it might be interesting to share some of what I consider to be my top tips when it comes to looking after your skin. Straight into it...

  • determine what you skin type is, and use products that are best suited for it.

  • before you go out shopping for your products, ask yourself what results you are expecting to get from the products that you choose - coming from this angle will also help you determine what sort of product you need. A cosmetic, cosmeceutical or prescriptive type product? For example, if you are trying to deal with acne, you want to go for an active product, looking for ingredients like salicylic acid, so chances are, your local supermarket is not quite the place you should be headed to, and you want to rather go to an aesthetic clinic where a professional can monitor your use of such actives, etc.

  • wash your hands several times throughout the day, I'm not trying to pass on some OCD type behaviour, but how often are you shaking hands, holding onto rails, picking up dusty items, and so on.. then next thing you're resting your cheek in your palm, spreading that bacteria and dirt all over?! My number one option, is try and get yourself into the habit of never touching your face during the day. If it itches, pull a face to ease it lol, or get a clean piece of tissue and rather use that to gently massage the itch away. Yes, it's possible, and you can do it.


  • work with a routine that fits into your lifestyle and allows you to be consistent. Give your products a chance to work, don't be quick to move onto the next set without reaping the full benefits of the one you have.

  • try and get a professional facial treatment, be it a deep cleanse, peel or more indepth service. Your home care products are made to compliment these more "active/agressive" type treatments. Your products will penetrate deeper and you will see results sooner. I read somewhere that facials are not a treat but an investment in your bodys' largest organ. Couldnt agree more.


  • it's probably a good time to consider an alternative range when you have been using the same products consistently for 6 months or more and there is no noticeable difference. I would say the same for any professional treatment as well. Best way to monitor is by taking photos of your skin once a month and looking back to compare where you started versus where you are at the time of considering a change.

  • try as much as possible to keep hydrated, drink a lot of water, as well as incorporating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. What you put into your body matters as it is also reflected on your skin. A diet high in sugar, for example, will cause the breakdown of collagen, meaning you'll age faster...


  • possibly the most important of them all, use an SPF daily, regardless of skin type, or whether you are planning to leave the house or not.

What are some of your top tips for keeping your skin in check? Please let me know in the comments section below.


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