I don't know how many of you have noticed, but lately retail stores have slowly started offering some skin care and body care treatments that were previously only found in spas or beauty salon setups.

I used to order foot peel masks online from other countries until recently, when I came across the Clicks Exfoliating Foot Mask online. After careful scrutiny of the list of ingredients, I went on ahead and decided that R145 was a price I was willing to pay for disappointment if all didn't end up well. (Weirdly enough I ended up purchasing two packs for this trial run as I figured I could recruit a second "ginuea pig" incase it was just 'my feet').

The expectation was so low I didn't even bother to take before pictures. Which I regret now, as this turned out to be far better than the previous brands I had been paying a mini fortune for. Not only did it come packaged well, with clear and easy to follow instructions. But the results were amazing and came through exactly as explained on the package.

My feet peeled, and I mean peeled! I literally had a new foot after all the peeling had stopped. This is a new staple in my footcare routine, it won't be done too often but it will most definitely be done, especially because of time constraints with work and being a mom that travels inbetween it all.

This, in my opinion, is also the perfect at-home treatment in winter when a lot of boots are being worn, not only too keep warm, but also to cover up the un-pedicured feet in the hopes of making it through to spring when there is an influx of clientele at every salon in the hopes of joining in on the Spring Day Fare of floral strapless dresses! *you know it's the truth - wink*

Would I recommend you give this a try? Most definitely, with no hesitation, does this come highly recommended in my books. With the key ingredient being Salicylic Acid - which removes the dead skin layer, helps give the skin a smoother, more even pigmentation, it is well know to be a safe, well tolerated and effective skincare treatment.

Have you tried any foot peels that have really given you a result that was worth mentioning? Please share your experiences with me below?


  1. most of the people use razors, scissors, and other instruments to remove hard or dead skin. They may choose any from the best foot peel which is the safest way of peeling your feet.

  2. Is this product as good as Milky Foot?


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