On weekends we skin prep. This week I'm focussing on staying on top of the dry skin that a lot of people generally experience in the winter time. Yes, I'm early, maintenance, prevention is better than cure... Using the organic, all natural, vegan friendly, But First Mint Coffee Body Scrub - it comes in a vanilla scent too.

It's a product I love to use in the morning especially, because it's coffee and mint, it's stimulating, not just to the body, but the senses as well. It smells so Good, if you love coffee you will literally be in coffee heaven! It's a gentle yet effective exfoliator and has been my go-to product even in the summer months as I drive a lot for work and my arms take a knock from the sun - sometimes burnt, meaning they get dry and peel, when I'm out too long and forget reapply sunblock.

Exfoliating the skin helps with removing dead skin cells which makes for better penetration and absorption of the moisturizing ingredients you apply thereafter. It refines the skin's texture, leaving it smooth, soft and supple with an obvious glow. If you have issues with pigmentation I highly recommend regular exfoliation as it will assist with encouraging production of new cells. Likewise for cellulite, increasing blood circulation in those areas will help improve their appearance.

With several benefits exfoliation gives, why wouldn't you? Have you tried But First body scrubs? Or do you have a specific scrub you just cannot go without? Would love to hear about your favorites.

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