Just when I thought we had seen and heard it all, and that the only thing that could possibly keep changing in the nail industry was nail art/design. In came the most revolutionary product Artistic Putty. A polygel which offers the best of both acrylic and sculpting gel in one, to create a product which is changing the way nails are currently done in salons right now.

The Pros:

  • It needs no smelly monomer liquid.

  • Has far less dust particles flying around which can be a hazard

  • Takes less time to create a professional finish.

  • There is no product wastage as it's easily dispensed out of the tube and straight into the nail.

  • There is no drying which allows the technician enough time to extend, sculpt and mould the nail into the desired shape. In order to dry the putty one would need to use an LED or UV nail lamp.

The final result a smooth, non-thick, colour saturated set of nails which are 23% lighter in weight than acrylic and 16% lighter than traditional hard gels. It literally feels like you're wearing nothing on your nails. The seamless preparation of the nail plate before application means that there is no lifting or separation, and that it can be applied over tips without giving an "artificial" finish. Currently available in 6 neutral shades: bright white, translucent, soft white, blush pink, pink concealer and nude concealer. Yes please, and for those who like colour you are not left out as the techs have means and ways, that are just as time saving, to give you a long lasting colour application over. Now launching in salons across South Africa, so be sure to ask at your current salon if they have heard of It!

For more details, please click here.

Are you just as intrigued as I am? Have you been one of the first to try this already? I would to hear from you in the comments below.

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