Vampire facials..

I had the opportunity to go in for a treatment at Jade Lotus Aesthetics with Dr Anjana Bhana. I am one who treads very carefully when it comes to treatments and who performs them. So in this instance, I was very comfortable as I knew I was in great hands.

I can't believe I actually went in for the vampire facial to be honest, I have spoken about it previously, been present at many other people's sessions but decided it was time I got some first hand experience.

As most know already, after a thorough consultation, your face is numbed using a topical anaesthetic, cleansed prior to treatment, your blood is drawn, then placed into a special machine (centrifuge) where it is spun to separate the red blood cells from the plasma (which is rich in platelets). You can either get the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment or the new generation, stepping things up a notch, Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment.

What is the difference?

PRP - there is an anticoagulant added that decreases the formation of blood clots, which also leads to the decrease of growth factors and their longevity.

PRF - does not have anticoagulants, and the longevity of the growth factors is more prolonged which makes it an even more concentrated and effective treatment when it comes to wound healing, recovery and regeneration.

So, I had the PRF treatment first, which was a very quick treatment due to the clotting time that needed to be adhered to. And immediately thereafter I had the PRP treatment. Both were administered using the microneedling technique.  The treatment was comfortable with no pain. My skin was a bit inflamed and red afterwards and the instructions were not to cleanse the face until the next morning,  where my routine could continue as usual.

Now comes the biggest difference..

The next morning, my skin had completely settled, as if nothing had been done the previous day. The growth factors from the PRF were obviously on over drive and sped up the healing time of my skin - there was no downtime whatsoever. My homecare routine involves a lot of hydration, and I found that I needed a bit more product than usual as my skin was absorbing everything really quick. As the days progressed, I noticed an improvement with my pores - problem area - on top of my cheeks. Also the dark circles and sunken appearance under my eyes, looked plump, brighter and more awake. My skin texture overall was a smooth and silky with an even glow.

What didn't happen, that I have previously observed, when people have PRP alone, is the skin is generally dry, tight, with some mild flaking and possible swelling for up to 3 days.

Perhaps I'm part of the 'one in a million' who's recovery experience was phenomenal, but for that reason, this is a treatment I highly recommend! Minimal to no downtime with many great benefits. If you are dealing with pigmentation, scarring, dark under eye circles, skin rejuvenation/general anti-aging, uneven skin texture, hair loss issues (yes, my hairline was treated too, so I cant wait to see the result of that!) then this is the number treatment to go for.

I will be going for a follow up visit, trying out two more versions of the vampire facial, so be sure to keep an eye out. Should you have any questions you are welcome to leave them on the comments below.

Treatment intervals, are dependant on each person's skin condition and needs (which are determined on consultation). Optimal results are seen between 4-6 weeks. To book your appointment please contact Jade Lotus Aesthetics on 0118672167 or visit their page here.


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