I recently went in for one of the newest body treatments on the market currently, compliments to Dr Schrammek, at the Sorbet Sk-n in Hyde Park. 

But before I give you the run down, I must tell you that the setup of the rooms and entire experience was just amazing and on par with my expectations of any aesthetic clinic. The attention to detail that went into creating a minimalist setup was so cleverly thought out. Eg. Basins and sterilising equipment inside closets etc.. it gave the rooms a nice clinical/clean finish, with the neutral tones of the decor pieces and paint keeping it warm and inviting. 

So back to the treatment I went in for: 

Dr Schrammek Body Science, slimming wrap treatment.. consists of a combination of a gentle skin peel; application of products containing skincare and detoxifying ingredients; cling wrap and specialised massage techniques. 

As with most treatments of the same nature, measurements to your problem areas are taken at the start and then the treatment commences. I won't describe the treatment step by step, but I will highlight its unique aspects as well as the key ingredients and their benefits to achieve your desired effect.

As you might be aware, I have been on a health journey since January 2019, my goals being to shed a few pounds but optimally to be in the best state of health I can. Why I mention that: because no treatment can work miracles and give you a shortcut or quick fix, which negates the need to follow a balanced diet with some form of movement. So having a treatment like the Dr Shrammek Slimming Wrap requires you to be reasonable in your expectations, and willing to make a few adjustments to your lifestyle.

What I found to be unique:

* the treatment begins with a skin peel to the problem area: what that does is provide for better penetration of products applied thereafter, retexturises the skin, and stimulates blood flow to the area required for activity of cells responsible for collagen and elastin production 
* the specialised massage technique provides for better detoxification, stimulates metabolism and relieves tension - NB make sure you have access to a private bathroom within the hour!!! TMI warning: you will be shocked at the amount of backup that is in there.. gross!!!
* the aim of the treatment is not to temporarily "sweat off" excess water weight and measure centimetres 
* the key benefit is optimal absorption of ingredients, that assist with your slimming and cellulite goals, leaving the skin firmer and smoother - and indeed you feel and see the difference in the days to follow


= Ginger - for its vasodilation properties
= Guarana - rich in antioxidants, promotes weightless, improves skin appearance, plus many more benefits
= Chilli and mustard sprout - detoxifying, improves elasticity 

Treatment time: 70 - 90 minutes. Average number of sessions required: 6, ideally once a week.

Would I recommend it? Yes.. not only is it a relaxing treatment (everyone can use some time out), it's a great way to kick start and motivate yourself to stick with healthy options and the a huge bonus is, its skincare for the body. A great way to maintain a smooth, firm and well toned appearance. 


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