I thought it would be great to discuss a frequently asked question.. “maskne” and how best to manage your skin under your mask, and at the end of a long day wearing one.

What is Maskne?
Maskne is a term used to describe all kinds of reactions caused as a result of wearing masks. So, issues like: breakouts, irritation, chaffing from friction, sensitivity, sweating and more.

Products I would recommend:
This will be a short 3 part series, in no specific order, highlighting products I would recommend to help you keep your skin skin calm and balanced..

Introducing Eucerin Aquaphor Balm:    
Eucerin Aquaphor Balm, is one of my favorite “multi-use” products. I highly recommend using Aquaphor in place of our moisturizer at night (you can use it in the day too, in fact as frequently as you need it..) A little bit goes a long way.

It has is clinically proven ingredients such as Bisabolol and Panthenol which are well known to be calming and soothing to the skin. Paraffin-based and glycerin which assist with trans-epidermal water loss for those experiencing dryness and sensitivity. It creates a light seal over the skin which helps protect the skin’s barrier and encourage repair.

TIP: Try to avoid wearing makeup, because makeup + sweat trapped under there together is a potential receipt for breakouts 

Have you tried Eucerin's Aquaphor before? What have you used it for and how was your experience, please share with us below.

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