I thought I would share a minimalist routine consisting of three of Dermalogica’s homecare products, that will provide you with well cleansed, hydrated, glowing skin with a great sun protection factor!

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Is an award winning product, in the form of a foaming, creamy gentle exfoliant. Can be used daily, quick and easy, left on the skin for about a minute. With ingredients like rice bran, phytic acid, grapefruit etc ingredients which help to brighten the skin and loosen dead skin cells. 

For oily, pigmented, thicker skin daily use is fine. For a sensitive skin then using it once or twice a week works just as effectively. 

Quick tip: you can always mix it into your cleanser if you are that person who feels they don’t have enough time or that the skin feels a little sensitive after us (as the cleanser will act as a bit of a buffer, in creating a even more gentle experience). 

Dermalogica Biolumin-C Serum

It’s a high performance serum with an advanced form of vitamin c complex, peptides, lactic acid, chia seed oil and more..

It brightens, dull, pigmented uneven skin tone. It firms the skin, so ageing, fine lines and wrinkles will appear better over time. 

It defends the skin, vitamin c is an antioxidant, so it will protect the skin from environmental elements - UV, pollution, free radials etc which causes premature ageing. Vitamin C is also helps with collagen synthesis. 

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50

A medium weight, daily skin moisturizer with a sun protection. It penetrates the skin quickly and easily without leaving the skin feeling greasy, provides long-lasting hydration, encourages firmness and elasticity. 

Suitable for skin with fine lines and general antiaging. And ideally applied at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. 

Note: brown skin friendly: no grey cast, no flash back!

Dermalogica is a skincare brand that is well known and been around for many years, what are some of your favourite products from them?

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