What is the purpose of a facial cleanser?

I know the purpose of a facial cleanser may sound very basic, and like something everyone already knows… but, being in the professional beauty space one sees and hears so many interesting things. 

And so here is the “what”:

The main purpose of a facial cleanser is to prepare the skin for the nutrients, vitamins, peptides and all the beautiful ingredients you are going to apply afterwards. 

Cleansers come in different forms eg. gel cleansers, balms, milky cleansers, foaming cleansers, oil cleanser etc... you should always choose one that is suited to your skin concerns. 

How a cleanser works? By removing the dead skin cells, make up, oil, dirt, and any other pollutants and particles that could block the pores. 

Why not soap?

Because most soaps have sodium lauryl sulphate, a detergent that strips the skin leaving it feeling dry. It’s best to avoid this on the face as it could lead to dry, sensitive, irritated skin with poor penetration of actives.

What is your personal favourite when it comes to cleansers?


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