How are you dealing with blackheads? Do you use a safe diy recipe?

Blackheads are caused when oil that’s produced naturally by your skin combines with dead skin cells and blocks your pores. When it all comes into contact with oxygen it then turns black.

Squeezing, pulling, digging only makes the skin worse, and may lead to scars, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity etc..

Ideally you want to use a toner, mask or exfoliator (not a scrub or brush).. called a chemical exfoliator -with the ingredient salicylic acid. This will basically go deep into the pore and “clean” it out. 

You can also use moisturisers that have the ingredient Vitamin A as well as professional treatments (ideally recommended by your Dermatologist or aesthetic Doctor as there any different forms and if used wrongly can make the skin worse).

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