Often called dark spots, hyperpigmentation, skin brightening or skin glow, there are products available to effectively manage the clearing process. Look out for products with the following ingredients:

> Niacinamide   >Vitamin C 

> Thiamidol   > Ferulic acid

> Kojic Dipalmitate   > Alpha-Arbutin

> Beta-Arbutin    > Licorice extract 

> Azelaic acid   > Phytic acid   

> N-Acetyl Glucosamine 

and more

You will normally find these ingredients in a darker/non-see through (opaque) bottle. 

I also recommend purchasing these from your aesthetic clinics because these ingredients can be very active and you do not want to mess around with your skin. 

Save this post so you can refer back when you need it. 

What are your favourite skin glow ingredients? Or which product have you used with one or more of these?

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