Dry skin and and dehydrated skin are often interchanged or confused. But there is a big difference. 

Dry skin lacks sufficient oils (sebum) to keep the skin moisturized, whereas dehydrated skin is a temporary state where the skin lacks/loses more water. 

Dehydrated skin has the ability to come and go, depending on the environmental factors (eg. season), whereas dry skin is considered a skin type. 

Hydrating ingredients literally add hydration—water—into the skin:

> Hyaluronic acid    > Urea

> Glycerin    > Lactic acid 

> Aloe vera    > Squalane

> Sodium hyaluronate

and more

In order for hydrating serums to be effective, they require that you layer with a cream/lotion to lock in the water.

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What are your favourite hydrating serums? Or which product have you used with one or more of these?

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