I’ve recently been putting the Clarins Bright Plus Range to the test and here are my reviews on the products I tried. 

A quick back story:  I used to spend many hours driving for work. I could never fully protect my skin from the effects of the sun and therefore my face eventually became substantially darker than my body. My biggest skincare goal was to even out my skin tone, reducing this stark contrast, and to bring the glow back to my skin. Although I’m not exposed to the sun as much anymore, my skin is still very reactive to sun exposure and darkens quickly when I’m out and about. 

The Clarins Bright Plus routine goes as follows, after cleansing twice daily:

Step 1
Clarins Bright Plus Fresh Ampoule ~ a 7-day potent serum, with a velvety, fluid gel texture. I was very excited to see this concentrated treatment as formulas like this give your skin a kick-start when trying to achieve specific results. 

This product is a two-layer formula which you only mix when you are ready to start treatment. It must be used within the 7 days to avoid oxidising and loss of potency. This treatment has a crescendo effect, where the serum continues to work even after the 7-day period. 

I tend to avoid Vitamin C as my skin is generally very sensitive to it, but this formula was very gentle on my skin, and I had no adverse reactions. A little product goes a very long way!

🔑 ingredients: 15% Vitamin C, (10% pure Vitamin C, in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid, freshly sealed and stabilised in powder and 5% derivative Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbyl Glucoside).  

Step 2
Clarins Bright Plus Advanced Brightening Dark Spot-Targeting Serum ~ a lightweight serum, applied twice daily, which layers well with other products and absorbs very quickly into skin. 

🔑 ingredients: Rose-myrtle helps to boost skin oxygenation; Acerola Fruit helps reduce melanin production; Elder Tree which is soothing to the skin. 

The only “con” I found was the pippet was quite stiff and not very easy to work with - but this could have just been the specific bottle.

Step 3
Clarins Bright Plus Dark Spot-Targeting Moisturising Emulsion ~ which can be used day and night. I found this to be very hydrating for my normal to dry skin type. The product was easy to dispense and apply, and it layered seamlessly with the other products. 

This step also had an additional option for combination to oily skin types - the Clarins Dark Spot-Targeting Moisturising Gel Cream. I used this as a sleeping mask when I wanted to give my skin some additional TLC. I applied a thick layer, allowing it to be absorbed and keeping it on overnight. 

🔑 ingredients: Acerola Fruit encourages skin oxygenation and helps boost radiance. It visibly reduces dark spots and evens out skin tone.

Who is the Bright Plus range for?
For all skin types, anyone wanting to treat hyperpigmentation and dullness caused by UV rays, pollution & inflammation (PIH). This range will even out your skin tone, fade dark marks, brighten and illuminate your skin. 

Would I recommend it?
I most certainly would, my skin looks much brighter and even toned since using this range. I also received numerous compliments on how good my skin looks. I am very happy with the results.

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